A Bold Alternative Alba

Only possible if there’s a leadership contest not a coronation Alex Salmond’s biggest achievement since establishing Alexba has been to persuade 6,000 fellow Scots that that “the dream will never die”, as he famously declared in the melancholic aftermath of the 2014 referendum defeat. He’s absolutely correct about that: the dream of independence will always … Continue reading A Bold Alternative Alba

Even Mike Russell Backs Murray

The SNP’s President risks Sturgeon’s wrath by denouncing jail sentence As the rebel blogger Craig Murray prepared to hand himself in to an Edinburgh police station to begin his prison sentence this morning, even one of the First Minister’s most favoured courtiers was flinching at the harshness of his punishment. The SNP’s president Mike Russell … Continue reading Even Mike Russell Backs Murray

Prosecutors v Police Scotland?

Crown accused of seeking to restrain cops probing ‘SNP fraud’ When news broke that detectives were digging into possible financial fraud within the SNP - involving more than £600,000 of donations allegedly diverted from a campaign fund meant to be ring-fenced for fighting a second independence referendum - it prompted feverish speculation about why this … Continue reading Prosecutors v Police Scotland?

Light Cast on Force of Darkness

Hidden dealings of a moralising opponent of independence now revealed Remember former NATO secretary-general Lord Robertson of Port Ellen re-entering the political fray during the 2014 referendum to warn that the “forces of darkness” in the world would relish Scotland separating from the UK? He never spelt out to his compatriots what he meant by … Continue reading Light Cast on Force of Darkness

SNP Admirals Love Big Lizzie

The ‘pro-indy’ party’s defence spokesman worships Brexit Britain’s new warships The biggest naval deployment by Britain since the Falklands War began with massive multinational war games off the north-west coast of Scotland. Soon the Carrier Strike Group will reach the hotly contested South China Sea. Its transit through traditional international shipping lanes - now being … Continue reading SNP Admirals Love Big Lizzie

Clocks Striking 14 in ScotSoc

Why Holyrood has become Orwellian and Big Sister always survives It was an unusually bright, warm summer’s day and the clocks were striking fourteen (to commemorate both Bannockburn and the independence referendum). At the Ministry of Truth/Ministrealachd na Fìrinn, ScotSoc’s top spinmeisters were wracking their brains to bury some inconvenient truths in really forbidding bureaucratic … Continue reading Clocks Striking 14 in ScotSoc

Scots Sorely Lack Suspicion

The plot to destroy Alex Salmond wasn’t a conspiracy theoryWhen the most savage power struggle since the dawn of devolution was fully raging, the Daily Record referred to “Salmond’s SNP Government conspiracy theories”. But gradually more and more irrefutable evidence is mounting that there was a dark conspiracy at the heart of the Scottish Government … Continue reading Scots Sorely Lack Suspicion

FM’s Trouble Swallowing Greens

Forging a Holyrood cooperation agreement has hit some mighty snags Michael Gove is a cunning political gladiator. The UK Cabinet Office Minister can always quickly spot a weakness in his opponent’s armoury and will ruthlessly swing his sword at it. Raised in the north-east of Scotland, he realises how electorally vulnerable the SNP could become … Continue reading FM’s Trouble Swallowing Greens

Time to Summon Smeddum

Spirit and drive sorely needed at both Wembley and Westminster Having long ago forsaken Caledonia for California, I’m sure my auld aquaintance Paul Pender won’t be producing any sequel to his memorable 1990s documentary series about our recurring fate in international football tournaments - Faith, Hope…and Calamity! That said, I can just imagine him propped on a barstool in … Continue reading Time to Summon Smeddum

Scotland’s Real Edge of Darkness

In 1985, British viewers were glued to what was immediately recognised as much more than a run-of-the-mill television mini-series. The Edge of Darkness was about a widowed police detective called Ronald Craven who suddenly has to investigate the shooting of his daughter, a radical student activist. As he grieves, he is soon drawn into the murky world … Continue reading Scotland’s Real Edge of Darkness

The People of England Have Spoken!

Forget that hackneyed line from G. K. Chesterton about the people of England never having spoken yet. As they mow their manicured lawns, our southern neighbours are finally beginning to find their collective voice. At least they’re starting to mutter quietly about us behind their high garden hedges. A new opinion poll in the Telegraph suggests that … Continue reading The People of England Have Spoken!

Nicola’s Gonna Eat Her Greens

We need to roll up our sleeves and practise the grown-up politics of negotiation, co-operation and consensus building. That was Lorna Slater’s public response, in her kinda cute mid-Atlantic accent, to Nicola Sturgeon’s invitation to snuggle up to her. In private I’m sure this Very Nova Scotian and Patrick Harvie are already giddy at the … Continue reading Nicola’s Gonna Eat Her Greens

BBC Shafted Indy Like Diana

William and Kate’s seven day tour of Scotland next week seems certain to be accompanied by a larger than originally anticipated media entourage following the prince’s extraordinary personal savaging of the BBC. But, wherever the scribblers, snappers and dish monkeys are dispatched from, they will doubtless remain oblivious to the fact that they’re in a … Continue reading BBC Shafted Indy Like Diana

Wings No Longer Soar Over Scotland

It seems our nation’s most frequently fulminating minister may have mounted his online pulpit for the last time. The Reverend Stuart Campbell has decided to hastily wind up his closely followed political website Wings over Scotland. Naturally, his huge congregation is mournful and distraught. But the truth is their beloved cleric is probably saving them … Continue reading Wings No Longer Soar Over Scotland

TV Bosses Treat Alba Like The IRA

At the height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Britain’s supposedly independent and impartial broadcasting stations submitted in the main to Margaret Thatcher’s diktat that they starve all Irish republicans of the “oxygen of publicity”. Historical and current affairs documentaries that might have given viewers across these islands a more informed understanding of the seeming … Continue reading TV Bosses Treat Alba Like The IRA