Covid Queen’s Medical Martial Law

Here’s the question we should all be asking at this stage in the Covid-19 crisis – how in the coming months (and maybe years) can we strike a healthy balance between security and liberty. And it needs to be addressed with special urgency in Scotland. Without waiting to see whether vaccines have broken the link between the virus and serious illness, the Sturgeon regime is paving the way to extend emergency lockdown laws to autumn 2022 – and possibly beyond. The First Minister seems quite content for the Corinavirus crisis to drag on indefinitely. Why not? Amongst other things, prolonging this ‘national emergency’ is a great pretext for the nation not getting to decide its future in an Indyref2. Still, almost all of us jist continue to don oor masks, keep oor heids doon and hope Nikla disnae gie us too hard a time. There will be no marching for personal or national freedom – under one or a hundred banners – because this is how freedom dies.

What’s been inflicted upon this country over the past 15 months is a previously unimaginable form of medical martial law. Yet the sole MSP who has reacted with proper concern to her Covid czar John Swinney’s announcement was a Conservative. Perhaps because he’s a lawyer and has given more thought than most to the need to balance security and liberty, Murdo Fraser commented: “The rush to extend so many emergency laws is alarming. It looks like the SNP are on a power trip.” 

Power trip? SNP now stands for Scottish Nicola Party and its supremo has been on a power cruise for the past 14 years, first as deputy FM then as FM. Doubtless she was nodding with approval when her new best friend Dominic Cummings told the recent Commons inquiry that what was needed to deal with Covid was “a kind of dictator with kingly power” who would “push out the boundaries of legality”. The Murrells’ conjugal dictatorship was doing all of that – and worse – way before the Wuhan virus made its way to Scotland. Just one thing though, Dom: the Covid Queen would, of course, want ‘kingly’ changed to ‘queenly’ power.

Nicola Sturgeon needs to face a Scottish Lord Sumption

Ms Sturgeon needs to face Lord Sumption. This retired senior Supreme Court judge knows an elected dictator when he sees one. Given that he castigated the UK government for “cavalier disregard for the limits of their legal powers”, it’s not hard to guess what he would make of an undistinguished solicitor from Dreghorn going even further than the blonde beast to strip Scots of their civil liberties. From the onset of the pandemic, Jonathan Sumption has lent immense intellectual respectability to the anti-lockdowners (although he flattered many of them when he observed that “lockdown scepticism goes with high levels of education.”) In a lecture at the onset of the pandemic, the law lord hit out at “the most significant interference with personal freedom in the history of our country.” And he hasn’t mellowed since. In an interview with the Telegraph a few days ago, he stated:

If you are going to do something as drastic as this, you need to know what the consequences are likely to be – that requires serious thought, serious research and serious planning. None of these things happened. The dominant factor in Government policy – the entire attack on our humanity – has been guided not by ‘The Science’ but by the desire of politicians to avoid being criticised.

Not for the first time, Lord Sumption proceeded to lambast attacks on “the entire spiritual dimension of our existence – the closure of schools, the closure of museums, theatres, churches, sports grounds.” Even in the Second World War, all of the above (along with pubs and picture halls) stayed open. We have also faced bigger public health emergencies in the past, as this law lord (originally a professional historian) is quick to highlight:

Covid-19 is towards the upper end  of the kind of epidemic that humanity has had to cope with from the beginning of time. It is historically extreme and unusual. (But it) is at the more bearable end of what mankind has previously had to endure. The bubonic plague, for example, wiped out 40 per cent of the population. The Covid death rate is less than one per cent.

Why do we give next to no attention to that last fact – especially when the figure has now fallen to well under one per cent? Why have we become fixated on the number of cases of Covid-19 rather than the numbers in intensive care units or or other hospital wards with the virus? The dual purpose of lockdowns is meant to be saving lives and protecting the NHS. Neither appear to be critical causes for alarm in this country at present. Is that only because there’s always a lag between contamination and hospitalisation? Would it be dangerously complacent not to presume that the numbers being ferried in ambulances might rocket to an unmanageable level?

Lockdowns are destroying liberties as well as lives and livelihoods

Conceivably, but I reckon we need to be shaken out of far greater complacency about the catastrophic effects of repeated lockdowns on lives, livelihoods and liberties. Especially the last of these because it gets insufficient attention in Sturgeon’s Scotland. Even at the height of the pandemic, we shouldn’t have been painting wee rainbows on our windows – which she seems to have seen as endorsement for her mad gender ideology – but pinning a famous quotation from Benjamin Franklin prominently on all our walls:

Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.

The fact so many of us have forgotten that is down, in part, to Labour: like his London overlord Keir Starmer, Anas Sarwar often sounds as though he would happily lock us all up in our homes indefinitely. Which might be painless for millionaires like him residing in a spacious Victorian villa in one of the leafy parts of Pollokshields. But this duo is playing a dangerous political game. Lord Sumption has a message for Messrs Starmer and Sarwar:

When democracy becomes a mechanism for mass coercion by governments, with the approval of the opposition, it is surely heading towards its end.

Naw, I’m not doing a Boris and saying let the bodies pile high in the southside of Glasgow. Nor can anyone with any sense argue that we are at the end of this emergency. But we need to start putting the pandemic into perspective. A calm and sober comparison of different countries’ data over a whole year shows no strong correlation between lockdown policies and deaths: Sweden and Switzerland had the most relaxed restrictions in Europe yet fewer excess deaths per million people than Spain, Belgium and the UK, which had the toughest clampdowns. What has mattered most has been the underlying health of the population, combined with the proportion of old people and the capacity of different health services to cope with a pandemic. 

On the last of these points, why was capacity boosted by turning the SECC in Glasgow into a temporary Coronavirus hospital only to have that facility dismantled as soon as the number of Covid cases fell? Did we only need the NHS Louisa Jordan because Boris set up seven Florence Nightingale hospitals in England?

The Scottish Government must get a grip on itself and accept that Coronavirus is here to stay, in some variant or another, just like many other viruses. Our politicians need to stop going into a blind panic every time a light starts flashing on their data dashboard. The rate of spread of the virus is bound to fall as the number vaccinated continues to rise at the current impressive rate.

The reality is we’re almost all taking an unknowable risk by consenting to have some Pfizer or Astra Zeneca liquids squirted into our arms. None of these hastily developed vaccines has been subjected to the scale of testing normally deemed necessary for human safety. I say this having just had my second jab at Perth Ice Rink and feeling fairly wretched for the past four days. Nevertheless, even with these flu-like side effects, I have no regrets about letting a squaddie up from Preston stick the first needle in me. (Although I am starting to suspect the second one might have been a vial specially formulated for rebel Scottish bloggers).

Seriously, to return soon to any sort of normality, we must all get used to repeatedly weighing one set of risks against another. Most of all that applies to our governors. But, even at the best of times, the First Minister has always inclined towards excessive state surveillance and social engineering. From the ‘Named Persons’ scheme, which would have unleashed state guardians on families across the land, to the new hate laws making us watch what we say in our own homes, the SNP leader has shown she’s certainly nae libertarian. With her perturbing record in office, none of us should trust Nicola Sturgeon to strike a healthy balance between security and liberty.

23 thoughts on “Covid Queen’s Medical Martial Law

  1. Covid is still around, but the many mutations are mostly milder, as always happens after a pandemic of a flu type virus. This is now a post-pandemic situation. But power mad politicians, insanely greedy pharma executives and their friends the decidedly dodgy WHO are not wanting to say so.

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  2. COVID is being used by the WM government to hide the economic impact of Brexit on the UK whilst the ScotGov is finding it a useful distraction from its controversial social policies and, as you say Rob a convenient excuse for its total inaction on Independence.

    The estimates worldwide for the Spanish ‘flu deaths during 1918-20 vary from between 20 million and 50 million in a population of 2.2 billion. If you take the midpoint of 35 million that translates to a death rate of 1.6%. For COVID the number of deaths since the end of 2019 / start of 2020 are recorded as being 3.8 million out of a population of 7.8 billion. That’s less than 0.05%. This makes Spanish ‘flu currently around 32 times more deadly than COVID.

    Given that historical perspective, the vaccination programme seemingly successfully being rolled out and the fact that there are a relatively small number of intensive care hospitalisations as well as a tiny volume of deaths in the latest 3rd wave there is a case for getting back to some sort of normality.

    In addition there are apparently only around 2.5% of those previously vaccinated in the UK who have contracted the infection. I don’t know for sure but I would be surprised if the infection rate among those given a standard annual ‘flu injection wan’t at least as high as that.

    We should not be complacent but perhaps we are now at the point where we can start to coexist with this virus without fear of an apocalypse resulting. After all, we did survive the aforementioned Spanish ‘flu, Black Death/Bubonic Plague and Smallpox.

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  3. You have given us a lot to think about – not least the fact that NS has been on her “power cruise” for 14 years. This highlights the necessity to create Independence Parties other than the SNP – not only to push for independence but also to create a caring, democratic society within an Independent Scotland.

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  4. That life can be short, brutal and unfair is a reality the majority in the world have known for centuries, it is part of the collective world wisdom; as my Ottoman and later Iraqi forebears might well confirm. Attempts by systems to return us to some fabulous Garden of Eden perfect state have usually involved dehumanization and the trampling of individual integrity in the mud.
    As a consequence of the suppressive «Stay Safe» politics all self styled democracies are now considerably less democratic. Citizens more than ever are pawns in a global great game over which they appear to have no influence. Unless of course, the scales falling from their eyes they take action and by «pulling the plug» on the gamers wrest back the power, effectively causing the machine to stop.
    Queen Covid is symptomatic of a far wider malaise of a failed democratic process, accountability. The fact that she and her like, their unelected advisers and donors have had unchallenged, quasi dictatorial free rein for so long is at the very heart of the matter as is the politicization and commodification of science.

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  5. “Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety.”- Benjamin Franklin


  6. I was supportive of lockdowns to start with – felt it should have been much earlier. But they have to be for a defined purpose and timescale: to reduce case numbers and give people their lives back as far as possible. What we’ve had in the UK, and especially in places like Glasgow, is a population locked down with no end in sight, while borders remain open and cases are just coming in, hitting our public transport and introducing new variants. Then they re-opened while there were growing case numbers from universities, allowed foreign travel and mass mixing for things like football and Xmas, even as those with severe health issues were still having to shield.

    Have to admit, the huge post Xmas spike felt very deliberate: it kept people thoroughly locked down over Brexit and the period from then right up to the Scottish elections, meaning no one could meet in pubs and talk politics, no one could agitate or campaign, no one could march. That happening at the same time as the silencing of bloggers, redactions and political prosecutions began to feel deeply concerning. It felt like a four nation political strategy, with both governments in lockstep over what they wanted to happen over that period. So no, I no longer trust our politicians with our freedoms at all. And I’m no covid denier: it was very real, the deaths were very real: they were a price those in charge were willing to pay, not to give us our freedom, but to justify taking it away.

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    1. “And I’m no covid denier: it was very real, the deaths were very real:”

      Just like the deaths of all those who got no diagnosis or treatment for life-threatening conditions because of the exclusively-covid approach of the health services. And those deaths will no doubt keep mounting, since the catch-up will be too late for some.


  7. Not a question of denying the WHO named «Covid-19» it is more one of questioning the officially propagandized nature of the virus and the counter-scientific use of fear, safety etc weaponized by governments, aided by certain big name mega rich to promote what is effectively a new order of global dependency and «management».
    This new dispensation advocates all the newspeak, buzz words of diversity, stakeholding, sustainability and the vocabulary of neo woke planet care while at the same time restricting basic freedoms of choice, dissent and debate.
    It is no wonder that the promoters of NewWorld have more than a tendency toward the technology driven, people control employed in Emperor Xi’s China.
    Sturgeon has all the signs of having internalized the themes of the new order. Unfortunately, the global political class, never the brightest bunch, seems to have done likewise.
    The «G7» cabal must be having great fun confecting new stratagems in their chilly and misty Cornish redoubt.

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  8. “With her perturbing record in office, none of us should trust Nicola Sturgeon to strike a healthy balance between security and liberty.”

    I’d second that statement, for sure.

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  9. Rob and Paula I think you could have left the sentence at “With her perturbing record in office , none of us should trust Nicola Sturgeon” END

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  10. Regarding vaccines
    “None of these hastily developed vaccines has been subjected to the scale of testing normally deemed necessary for human safety. ”
    Is simply not true. The vaccines have had all the testing that any others get – it’s just been done faster.
    One big time benefit was the UK government underwriting the start of manufacturing while the testing was still under way – that saved months.


    1. Well, that’s slightly reassuring. But the point remains that we’re all taking an unknowable risk with any new vaccine. Rightly so in the current circumstances.


  11. It’s the same model for COVID as for any Government reaction to anything……..panic, act………….then realise they don’t know what to do next

    Blair went to war in Afghanistan and Iraq with Bush because he liked the idea of being a saviour on the big world stage, but in both cases neither of them had a plan for what to do after the big bombs had finished falling and the rest of the world was watching to see what happened next. Chaos, chaos is what happened next as we still know to this day. Neither Iraq nor Afghanistan is safe, but Blair’s bank account would block the Suez Canal

    Johnson and Sturgeon have ended up locking us down, relaxing restrictions, locking us down, relaxing restrictions until no-one has a clue what we can do, can’t do or even want to do

    Reading the Scottish Covid levels information is just a joke – it reminds me of the famous scene with Danny Kaye

    “The pellet with the poison’s in the vessel with the pestle, the chalice from the palace has the brew that is true”

    Is it eight people from four households who can meet inside, or is if four from eight households who can meet in a pub outside if they’re not drinking tea ? Or can I get a takeaway from the chippy as long as the Uber driver doesn’t use my toilet ?

    It’s all designed to make people confused, grateful for any pearl of freedom and to let Sturgeon play with society like someone at a computer screen – zapping the schools here, ka-booming hospitality there

    Two years ago I was one of the Party loyal – now I just want her gone, and her husband with her.

    I want independence and I am not playing The Grand Old Duke of Lockdowns just to keep her ladyship in empowerment pants

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