Nicola in the Line of Duty

Martin Compston coming out for Nicola in a virtual SNP rally before Thursday’s Holyrood election was the most predictable development in Scottish politics. It raises real questions about the appropriateness of a Las Vegas-based actor’s return to Scottish public life. 

I’m only joking, of course. Wee Marty can set up a Nevada branch of the Nats for all I care. It’ll probably soon have as many passionate and committed members as any of the many existing SNP branches which have suffered a mass exodus in recent times.

To be honest, as the latest (and hopefully last) series of Line of Duty reached its nerve jangling finale on Sunday night, I also found myself pacing up and down my flat with a large glass of red wine in hand (but not popping any pain killers, let me hastily add). What was agitating me were the astonishing similarities between our beloved First Minister and DCI Joanne Davidson (portrayed by Kelly McDonald).

Seriously, I got to wondering whether Nicola is ever mentally tortured like little Jo by what she felt compelled to do to her onetime closest colleague because she’s controlled by dark forces. Whether she ever collapses in a heap and sobs uncontrollably about how she not only tried to eliminate him but has betrayed the trust of all those decent, patriotic folk who once placed their faith in her.

Does she ever stare at framed family photographs of herself as a wee lassie in Dreghorn, dancing around the living room to the sound of the Proclaimers’ Letter to America, then hurl an ornament at them? And, when she’s finally, fully rumbled, will she need to start a new life in somewhere like Portugal?

Strange what thoughts a spell-binding Sunday night drama can trigger. But it probably looks quite different from Las Vegas than it does for those folk who still live permanently in Greenock.

5 thoughts on “Nicola in the Line of Duty

  1. No I don’t think so: perhaps another Scottish Detective type who owes his allegiance to another Scottish football team?


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