The Maladjusted Craig Murray

Lady Dorrian and her two fellow High Court judges wanted to “take longer to reach a decision in this difficult and anxious matter.” So the 62-year-old ambassador turned nationalist blogger Craig Murray is spending this weekend with his wife Nadira fearing that, on Monday morning, he will be jailed and separated from their 11-year-old son … Continue reading The Maladjusted Craig Murray

TV Bosses Treat Alba Like The IRA

At the height of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, Britain’s supposedly independent and impartial broadcasting stations submitted in the main to Margaret Thatcher’s diktat that they starve all Irish republicans of the “oxygen of publicity”. Historical and current affairs documentaries that might have given viewers across these islands a more informed understanding of the seeming … Continue reading TV Bosses Treat Alba Like The IRA

Naebody’s Nails Reach Boris or Brussels

Not forgetting that the bulk of his station’s viewers live south of the Border, Krishnan Guru-Murthy chose to kick off the Channel 4 News Scottish party leaders debate by asking the five of them for their comments on the furore over Boris’s Number 10 flat refurbishment. The SNP leader’s response was totally predictable: There is … Continue reading Naebody’s Nails Reach Boris or Brussels