Alex Salmond and Social Justice

If you’re anywhere in the vicinity of Greenock Town Hall the second weekend of September, don’t be startled if you see red flags fluttering alongside Saltires on its balconies. Having abandoned the stupid pretence that they are allies not enemies of the SNP, Alba’s interim leaders now look all set to attack the Sturgeonistas on … Continue reading Alex Salmond and Social Justice

Time to Summon Smeddum

Having long ago forsaken Caledonia for California, I’m sure my auld aquaintance Paul Pender won’t be producing any sequel to his memorable 1990s documentary series about our recurring fate in international football tournaments - Faith, Hope…and Calamity! That said, I can just imagine him propped on a barstool in Joxer Daly’s, nervously stroking a cool glass of locally-produced Chardonnay … Continue reading Time to Summon Smeddum

Scotland’s Real Edge of Darkness

In 1985, British viewers were glued to what was immediately recognised as much more than a run-of-the-mill television mini-series. The Edge of Darkness was about a widowed police detective called Ronald Craven who suddenly has to investigate the shooting of his daughter, a radical student activist. As he grieves, he is soon drawn into the murky world … Continue reading Scotland’s Real Edge of Darkness

No One’s Missing Wee Eck?

In a recent Telegraph column, the journalistic ghillie Alan Cochrane fired off a few more, poorly aimed, shots at Alex Salmond. The coonsil hoose kid who’ll accompany any Tory grandee on the grouse moors likes to do that. His self-aggrandising diary about the 2014 referendum campaign was titled Alex Salmond: My Part in His Downfall. In similar … Continue reading No One’s Missing Wee Eck?

Alba Means Independence in UK?

Less than a fortnight ago, this site warned that our SNP chieftains would be more than chuffed if they somehow managed to achieve ‘Independence Within the UK’. Bring it on, Jaggy argued. By selling their nationalist souls through signing a New Union Treaty, the Sturgeonistas would create a brilliant opening for Alba. Never did I imagine … Continue reading Alba Means Independence in UK?

White Wallopers Rule the Campus

When I studied at Glasgow University, more than a few of my fellow undergrads used to giggle about what they called the “darkie’s walloper”. Apparently, some extraordinarily large specimen of an African male’s genitalia was on display in the Hunterian Museum. I cannot say whether this was just a Gilmorehill myth because I never felt … Continue reading White Wallopers Rule the Campus

The People of England Have Spoken!

Forget that hackneyed line from G. K. Chesterton about the people of England never having spoken yet. As they mow their manicured lawns, our southern neighbours are finally beginning to find their collective voice. At least they’re starting to mutter quietly about us behind their high garden hedges. A new opinion poll in the Telegraph suggests that … Continue reading The People of England Have Spoken!

Johnson and Sturgeon Just the Same

Marina and Hyde are the only two reasons I still bother with the Guardian. When it comes to skewering the buffoons who are ruining this country, she is incomparable. But even marvellous Marina suffers from metropolitan myopia, alas. Hence only semi-delight when I read her most recent column headlined ‘A dangerous cult now runs Britain - … Continue reading Johnson and Sturgeon Just the Same

Nicola’s Gonna Eat Her Greens

We need to roll up our sleeves and practise the grown-up politics of negotiation, co-operation and consensus building. That was Lorna Slater’s public response, in her kinda cute mid-Atlantic accent, to Nicola Sturgeon’s invitation to snuggle up to her. In private I’m sure this Very Nova Scotian and Patrick Harvie are already giddy at the … Continue reading Nicola’s Gonna Eat Her Greens